New Template for

So I am getting some inspiration to update my blog more often thanks to the new template I found on the interwebs it’s called “Inove” I first saw this template on Tim’s blog ( but he is using wordpress, thankfully someone manage to port it for blogger and I really like it.



If  you are want to install this template for your blog use you can find the link here (Inove) one things is that this is just the xml file, the images are hosted somewhere but as long as the images are still up, it should work. If you want to host the images in your own site or do what I did and put them in you google Picasa account, I have the images and the xml template in the zip files linked here:

Note: if you are thinking on hosting the images yourself on your Google account, the recommended step is NOT to upload them via Picasa, instead create a new post and add all the original images (make sure live writer does not resize the images) and save the post as draft or publish temporarily, this will give the images a Url that is more likely to not flake like it sometimes does if you upload the images using Picasa. Also don’t forget to remove the last part of the image ural like ?maxlenght=blablabla.

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