Skype server for your house

I just found out a pretty cool way to setup all your phones in your house to use Skype and your traditional land line (if you want) at the same time.

Its pretty simple all you have to do is buy a small computer to be the “always on” skype computer, and connect an skype USB adpater to the computer and to the phone line and you are set.

Very likely that you already have regular phones around your house so that comes for free, the USB skype adapter is about $20 bucks and depending on what computer you choose for the “always on” skype server it can cost you around 200 to 400 dollars, just make sure you get a desktop, not a laptop, usually desktops or nettops have a BIOS options to auto power on the PC on power failure so that if the computer looses power it will automatically re-start when the power comes back up.

Here are some Optiosn for always on Server, the cool thing about this small “nettops” is that they consume very little power and so its very cheap and green to have them as “always on” computers/servers for skype (this is the computer which only purpose is to run skype and must have internet access) you can also use them as a file server etc, maybe put a few webcams off the usb ports.

Skype Servers

Here is the Skype USB phone adapter, this one is from D-Link but there are other brands that should work just fine too, this unit cost about $20 and this connects to the skype computer/server via USB and acts as a bridge between your pone line and your house phone

Skype USB phone adapter

Pretty cool idea if you want to use skype for your house phone instead of the traditional phone line, or use both, and when the small computers drop down in price its going to be very cheap to set this up and very cost efficient.

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