Windows Live Writer Sharper Photo Paste as JPG

I just finish adding a few new features to the Sharper Photo plugin for Windows Live Writer.

Firs the new plugin only depends on the API assembly dll for windows live writer this means that this plugin should work with most versions of windows live writer.

Another addition was the publish notification hook, which starts Sharper Photo before the post is published in case you forgot to edit the photos before publishing the blog post, (this can be turned off from Tools-> Options-> Plug-ins)

And the last addition was the ability to Paste a clipboard image as a JPG image instead of the default PNG format, this way you can change the photo file size right from the Sharper Photo plugin.

WindowsLiveWriter Plugin Options


Windows Live Writer Paste as JPG

Note: Get the latest Sharper Photo plugin from this link:

Windows Live Writer Sharper Photo Plugin (

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