Memory Card photo/image/data recovery

I have been meaning to write this post long time ago, because of its usefulness.

last year I was on vacation in Costa Rica and took a few digital cameras, some waterproof and some not, and of course took plenty of memory cards, I have never had a memory card go bad on me until that one time when I was using the underwater camera.

Memory cards go bad all the time specially when they have been used a lot or are very old. I am not sure what happened to mine but the computer and the camera were giving the same reading error saying that they could not read the contents of the memory card more likely because the memory card was corrupt, lucky I found this free program on the internet called “Image Rescue” this little freebie was able to scan and find all the photos in the memory card, I copy them to my hard drive and the memory card was never used again since it was in an bad state, not even formatting worked.


Memory card photo recovery

Next time you need to recover images from a corrupted memory card give this little program a try (Image Rescue 3)

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