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So I finally got a new desk for my computer, I am pretty picky but turns out the “Galant” desk series from IKEA was exactly what is was looking for and I got this really coo “Birch veneer” color which is easy on the eyes and not your typical black and boring desk.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

I got the standard IKEA “galant” desk with 2 T-Legs which I think is more efficient than having 4 legs , with the computer stand under the desk a small cabinet and 2 wall shelf of the same color as the desk, I used one shelf in the wall and the other on top of the desk to raise the monitor using 4 4-inch Capita legs all from IKEA. Also picked up an accent light which has 2 small LED lamps and put them on top of shelf in the wall, the regular light next to the printer is also from IKEA !!.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

Even the mouse pad is also from IKEA.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

The speakers kindda match the light wood color and grey tones i got going on with the desk as well, you can see I also picked up some items from the bath section to hang up the earphones.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

Need to put this 2 pictures frames up in the wall.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

I really like how this IKEA “Galant” desk is very space efficient at the same time is big enough that i feels huge, I really like how open and minimal it is, very practical use of space.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

I also got cable management from IKEA, which keeps all the cables neat and tight.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

Cable management under the Galant IKEA desk

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

I used screws to mount 2 power strips under the desk, also picked up thing to put wine glass from the kitchen section at IKEA but used it under the desk to put a little server/nettop, which worked very well, fits perfect.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

more of the wine glass rack, which holds the little computer just right

IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

The IKEA wine glass rack works like a charm and it was very cheap, i might get another one !!

 IKEA Galant Computer Desk with Monitor Riser

All I need to do now is get a bigger monitor, hang up some art work and get proper light in the room.

What kind of desk do you have, do you like my IKEA home office galant desk setup?


UPDATE: here is how to get the parts for your desk:


Maulana said...

so neat.
you arrange it at the right position,
no problem about the cables of component.

i like it, creative and modern.


jc said...

Glad you like it, how did you get to my site? i'll post most pictures soon

vivek said...

Awesome setup...quick question, did the computer stand come as an option with the Galant desk?

Majax said...


I've been looking for a desk everywhere and this is perfect. Do you per chance know anymore about that shelf that raises the monitor? I really want to do that. how does the monitor stand stay secure to the desk?

jc said...

Thanks for the comments, I'll be creating a follow up post about the desk setup pretty soon as well as how to find this parts in IKEA to create the perfect desk setup for the home office

Andrew said...

Really really cool, well done.

Stuart said...

You motivatedme to give it a shot. I'm pretty happy with the results. How do I share my photos?

Kit said...

I really like the desk. The monitor stand looks like the 46" x 11" ekby jarpen with 4" capita legs. Is that right?

jc said...

Stuart send me your pictures, I will be glad to post them on my blog or you can write a guest post too, is up to you


Dale said...

That's very nice. I find it comfortable to be able to work in that computer desk. I should probably let them setup my home office as well.

virtual office

jc said...

Hi all i have posted a new post about what area all the parts i used to build the desk, where to get the parks, the name of the parts and the link to the part on the IKEA site:

jc said...

here is the actual link

Janice Clements said...

The desk fits your computer. Everything is organize and you'll definitely be comfortable working there.

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Tristan Dorsey said...

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