Windows 7 New Striped Volume feature wizard

So I was playing around with my computer, (trying to make it “faster”) because I am trying to do some video editing using Adobe Premiere for Windows (I use windows 7), not sure why my system is so slow when I run that program, but I read on the site that to improve performance is good to have Adobe Premiere use Scratch disks that are Raid 0 to increase read/write performance.

Adobe Premiere can use scratch data (like catch, pre render files etc) and by increasing the reading/writing speed for that data it could potentially speed up Adobe premiere a little bit more.

My motherboard supports RAID, but it turns out I need to set them up in all ports, which that could mean re-installing my OS, and who knows what else, so I discovered this feature of windows 7 (I used ultimate) that allows to create striped volume hard drive (raid 0 in software), so here are the steps by steps I used to create a striped volume using 2 drives (raid 0).

First things first make sure you have 2 physical drives formatted and empty then right click one of them and select “New Striped Volume”.

A little wizard dialog shows up, make sure you click next:

New Striped Volume


Selected the disk you want to have the volume “hard drive” stripped to, in my case my 2 hard disk are the same size each, not sure how it would work with hard drives of different sizes, but if it does not work you can always format each individually to make them all the same if you don’t mind loosing some space.

New Striped Volume - Select Disks


Assign a letter for the new volume:

New Striped Volume - Assign a drive letter


Select standard formatting to NTFS and make it quick Smile

New Striped Volume - Format Volume


Click finish to complete the “New Stripped Volume Wizard”

New Striped Volume - Wizard completed

I got this warning so I selected yes.

New Striped Volume Warning

I don’t remember why I got this error, but if you do make sure both of your hard drive are formatted to have the same size in megabytes.

New Striped Volume - Fail


it worked, I was using 2 disk of 2 different brands so i just made the total size few clicks smaller

New Striped Volume - using 2 hard drives


When is all finish you will see one big “hard drive icon” which is the stripped volume with the full capacity of both volumes.

 New Striped Volume - 2 hard drives as 1

And that’s it, that’s how simple you setup RAID in software in Windows 7, all it takes is a few clicks and the “New Stripped Volume” wizard.

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