Why you should start your day with a cup of coffee

There are plenty reasons why you should drink coffee, must people in USA and the work drink it, it is the most traded commodity in the world, yet there are lots of people that don’t drink coffee in the morning or ever during the day.

For those who don’t drink coffee and those who do, where are some good reasons to drink coffee every day and if you already drink coffee then this should be reasons not to quit drinking.

Coffee has lots of antioxidants.

That’s why coffee has that strong black color, most antioxidants have strong colors, but more important antioxidants are very good for your body.

Coffee prevents against type 2 diabetes

There are studies that show it can reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, and prevents against Parkinson's disease and this are just 2 examples !!

Coffee helps prevent against liver disease

Some studies suggest that moderate amounts of coffee can reduce the risk of liver disease.

Coffee wakes you up and improve your brain power.

Nothing better to get your day started with coffee to wake  you up and feel very good about yourself and the day ahead

Coffee helps getting rid of your headaches.

The best medicine for headaches according to my dad is Excedrin, and that has 1/3 coffee, no wonder !!

Coffee Is a low-calorie drink

There are not many calories in coffee, but watch out for sugar, and crème, when you make or order your coffee because they have lots of calories.

Coffee is a healthier addiction, than most.

No addiction is good addiction but relatively speaking addiction to coffee is good and healthy if it is consumed in moderation, so you can benefits from all the good things coffee brings.

Coffee is a low cost beverage

Yes relatively cheap, specially if you learn to make coffee yourself, its actually pretty easy, all you need is a coffee maker and grounded coffee, add some water and you are in business. Of course if you like milk and sugar in your coffee you will need that too.

Note. there are also some side effects of drinking coffee like keeping you awake all night if you drink too much.

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